We are known for our customer friendly services. TPR Transport takes care of all your moving needs in Paris, whether it’s small, big, express or any other. You could wish to move a few cartons of your things or some bulky furniture from your house or office, we manage all your requirements. Our team focuses on each step of the move from the packaging and pickup to transporting and then the final delivery of your assets. We send in our staff for expert packing and furniture dismantling if you so desire.

Are you a student and only have a few cubic meters to move, but a small budget?

We charge you for the specific duration of the services given. Our rates are competitive, the first hour needs to be paid for in full but after that you will be paying for the exact time for which you employed our assistance. We understand the strict budget one may have and hence try to be as customer friendly as possible.

Do you want to give your washing machine to a friend and make that little move to Paris?

TPR Transport can arrange it for you depending on the access like how many floors, if there is an elevator or not. Do not wait to contact us and find out about the availability. Our team will seek to accomplish all your needs.