Moving is a long process and requires a lot of energy especially in Paris and its surrounding regions. TPR Transport is a competent moving company in Paris which fulfils all your moving requirements.

Based on our experience and  a long-standing recognition in the market, we can ensure a comfortable move to Paris. We have high quality assets which ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

Our services are available throughout the Ile de France ( demenagement 78 , demenagement 95).

We are recognized for our competence

The ministry of transport has issued a certificate of professional capacity to us. This implies that we have the necessary requisites to be a professional mover. Since, our skills are recognized by the state it serves as a  guarantee of our competency in the moving industry.

We are also covered by specific insurance hence we compensate you in the face of any difficulties (deterioration of your goods).

We are preparing your move to Paris

At the foremost, a quote is prepared before you move to Paris, to ascertain the extent of your move.

Then based on our long experience and know-how of Paris we are additionally able to foresee and intercept appropriate solutions for any complications that may crop during the transport (for example : the presence of a pedestrian street or restricted parking in the moving area).

Our know-how at your disposal

We possess durable and sophisticated moving equipment to ensure safety of your goods. Our packaging is done in an efficient way which further ensures your belongings from damage. We also are equipped to deal with any unforeseen difficulties  that may arise during the move.

Our rates are reasonable and established in advance

The rates are fixed after understanding your requirements and as per other services required like packaging, dismantling of furniture, unpacking etc. Other factors which are taken into consideration while arriving at the quote are the area, parking space, size of the furniture etc. You can  rest assured that a reasonable price will be quoted after assessing your needs.

We are listening to you

Our services are adapted based on your needs and not vice versa, this is done to ensure that our customers receive high quality service as per their customized needs. We are here to answer any query or request that you may have regarding your move. We also extend our services for international moving.