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Moving houses or relocating offices? Do you wish to do it at an optimal cost? Do you wish to pack your own boxes? Bubble wrap them on your own to protect your delicate items? Store your dishes, documents & other commodities in a storage unit? For all of these, it’s essential that you have packing material and equipment like bubble wrap, card-boards, adhesive etc.

However, when you relocate on your own without having a specialized agency, you would need a varied range of additional packing material. TPR Transport with its extensive services comes to your rescue here. All the fundamentals for your needs will be arranged by us as we provide the complete range of packing equipment at our store located at Paris 5, and also at our warehouse in Argenteuil.

Our equipment will minimize the risk of damage to your valuables. Our material which is of the highest quality will allow you to carry and store your commodities in good condition at an optimal cost.

The materials which are sold both individually and in bulk at decreased prices if necessary, help you move while making significant savings. The diverse kinds of packing material available with us are listed below:

Book boxes— (35 x 28 x 30 cm) Are small carton boxes convenient to transport both light and heavy weighted objects.

Standard boxes— (55 x 35 x 30 cm) Basic in nature, this model of boxes is ideal for carrying essential objects like clothing, footwear, kitchenware etc. They can also be used for storing. A sturdy variant with double groove is also available in ‘standard boxes’ which provide more solidity.

Archives Cartons— (53 x 36 x 27 cm) These come with handles, thereby making it easy to carry when moving. They are also equipped with a bottom and hinged cover with double groove which are perfect for storing critical documents.

The small and large barrel models— These come in two large sizes (45 x 45 x 56 cm and 455 x 45 x 73 cm) and thought they are suitable primarily for heavy objects like sofas and electrical items, they can also be used for delicate goods. You can also add braces to these cartons which are sold separately and use these cartons to carry 75 glasses/plates or 100 glasses/plates depending on the carton size.

Wardrobe Boxes— These are large sized boxes which come equipped with integrated rods, thereby facilitating the smooth movement of apparels on hangers. They also come with a large door which opens on top and front. They come in two sizes. One in a smaller model (50 x 50 x 82 cm) which is ideal for small apparels like shirts, skirts, blouses, tops jackets etc., and the large one (50 x 50 x 120 cm) for your bigger sized clothing like gowns, overcoats and likes.

Bottle Cartons— These boxes (34 x 25 x 33 cm) are integrated with braces which allows you to store a maximum of 12 bottles. The cells are modular and 85 x 85 x 33 cm in size.

“The Angles to Table’ Model— This model is designed to safeguard delicates items like mirrors, tables, windows etc. The number of angles can be chosen depending on the dimension of the item to be transported.

All the above boxes mentioned are sold flat.

Miscellaneous Items

Mattress Cover— Ideal to securely carry/ store mattresses during move or renovation. Available for both single and king size beds.

Bubble Wrap (10x1m) — To protect any fragile and extraordinary items from experience any damage during the move.

Transparent Film Rolls— Ideal for packing commodities without adhesives. Also allows you to easily identify and maintain the items.

Supplementary tools like scotch tapes, cutter, gloves are also available with us. To know more about tools and packaging equipment, please contact us or visit our store.

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