Are you looking to move to Ile de France?

Adequate prior preparation ensures that the entire operation of moving goes smoothly. TPR Transport offers you expert guidance and advise at each step.

How to move to Ile de France?

There are numerous ways to move and you can choose the one which suits you the most. The first option is self-move, where you handle the entire process by yourself which includes packing, loading and transport. Self-move is definitely economical and is perfect for small volumes or when your moving distance is not far or when you have many friends or relatives willing to assist you. Moving alone is not practical when you have big furniture and bulky items and no help.

The other option is to rent a truck with driver where you need to pack the goods on your own. You will be required to take care of all the other subsidiary formalities and only the transport will be done by a professional. However, you can always ask the truck driver to aid you with loading.

The most easy and comfortable option for a move is to hire an Ile de France moving company. You are then surrounded by expert advice and aid at all times. Our team of dedicated workers do everything for you, like packing with special tools, skilled dismantling of furniture and careful loading to avoid damages. This lets you save time, resource and be absolutely certain about the safety of your assets. If employing a moving company suits your budget then you can trust us meet all your demands.

What are the steps to follow ?

Moving involves sufficient pre-planning before the actual moving day. If you are a tenant you need to intimate the owner before you depart. The deadline is one month notice for furnished houses and three in case of unfurnished premises. There are few more places you will need to notify before you move like the telephone company, electricity suppliers or any magazine subscription you avail. It is always smart to settle on a moving company like ours which takes care of all such ancillary moving chores.

If you choose to self-move, you should not wait till the last day to pack. Be very systematic and organized when packing your boxes. Pack the things you use or need least first and the ones you use often last. You can label your boxes with the kind of items it has or you can merely pack the items of each room separately. This helps to avoid any trouble or mix-up during unpacking and save you a lot of time.

On the final day be ready with your boxes for loading in the scheduled time. You should get up early to pack the everyday essentials in the end like bed linen and kitchen utensils. Our professionals will guard your items with a blanket to avoid any harm during transportation and help you load them.

Why use TPR Transport?

When you move with us, your Ile de France move will be painless and peaceful. When you pick our comfort moving service, all your items will be packed by professionals using the best materials and tools. The kind of items used in packing depends on the volume and nature of each good. In any case, our team will advise you wisely and your property will be protected by damage insurance.

If you have sufficient time in hand to move, we ask you to check our grouping service which cuts down majorly on the costs of moving. In grouping, you basically move your goods together and divide the costs of the entire transportation between others who hire the same truck as you. 

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