Over 75% of French population considers moving to be one of the most stressful tasks. It can be troublesome and tough for most individuals and also for the businesses when they move. At TPR Transport we make the complicated process of moving simple.

A well-organized organization for a successful move from London to Paris

It’s always encouraged that you sort out most of the things before you move your goods. Finding a place in your new location before you move from London is important. Before you pack all your belongings, contact a moving company of your choice. Thanks to technology today, almost all moving companies here have their online websites where you can find out in detail about all the services they offer. Discuss with them about what are your particular requirements and then ask them to send you a quote according to the volume of your goods and the time of your move.

Many times, moving is done in an emergency and it’s imperative for you to shift without compromising on the safety of your items and furniture. TPR Transport has all the solutions for any such similar circumstances. We advise you to contact us at the earliest regarding such immediate moving requests.

On the paper side...

There a number of pre-requisites as mentioned below which you need to adhere to well before your final day of the move :

  • Change your address— You need to officially intimate your banks and other local organizations about your new address;
  • Updating official documents— All your identification documents and certificates need to be amended;
  • Visit the Consulate/Embassy—You need to go to the required offices to update the electoral list and the register of French nationals living abroad;
  • Certificate of Residence change— It’s important that you get a valid document proving you stayed in the United Kingdom as you will be asked for it when you return to France for official reasons;
  • School Documents— If you have children at home you need to get original moving certificates from their schools in London which you need when you get them admitted in a school in France;
  • Form U1— Request a form U1 from your Job centre, if any.

Groupage, an optimal moving solution

Our groupage moving service is a popular pick for our customers seeking to move back to Paris from London. The group move offers the same services as a normal move, the only difference being instead of having a private truck to transport all your goods, you will be sharing the truck space with other people who are moving back to Paris like yourself. There are two major advantages to this service :

  • Economical Advantage— Since you share a truck with other customers, the cost of your entire transportation encompassing the tolls, fuel and others are divided between all of the parties moving in the same vehicle. The affordability of this service is its prime attraction;
  • Ecological Advantage— When you move together, you help us avoid employing more trucks which are bound to emit carbon dioxide, thereby causing pollution. Group move is an environment friendly choice.

A move from Paris to London made with TPR Transport

At TPR Transport, your satisfaction is our primary goal. We listen to your requirements and chalk out a customized moving plan for you at a reasonable price. We honour our commitments and ensure a safe and secure move of your goods and equipment between the United Kingdom and France.