If you are an individual or business looking to move to France or any other international destination and are in search for a moving company which guarantees the safety of your product, TPR Transport, an international moving company is a perfect fit you.

What are our offers?

We have a wide range of moving services from Paris to London which includes group moving, storage spaces, rental of furniture lifts and complete packaging solutions.

Moving stress-free

TPR provides you with international custom-made service and manages mostly all the task associated with moving on its own. We look after your fragile items which needs intense caution and arrange for custom cases if required to ensure their safety when packing.  We also do expertise export packing for international requests. We guide you in all the steps of the moving and look after all the intricacies to avoid you of any troubles.

Do you care about the environment?

Our grouping moving is an economic and environment friendly service. You need to group your assets with others movers on the same route to reduce the transport costs and save the environment from the pollution caused by needlessly using many trucks. We are committed to meeting all our delivery deadlines and attempt for before-scheduled delivery.

Is your time limited?

For moving to Europe, it is encouraged that you opt for express transport. Our international moving team encompasses  highly trained handlers who carry out their activities with strict professionalism. Their skill and experience in the area certifies that your expectations will be satisfied.

Furniture storage problem?

If you don’t have enough space in your new house or are unsure about the transfer of certain goods, TPR Transport offers you a safe warehouse to keep your belongings. The storage is under surveillance 24*7 thereby ensuring the protection and safety of your items.

Moving effortlessly?

When seeking to move effortlessly, renting furniture lifts is a great idea. We can provide you with a furniture lift, on rent with qualified technicians who transfer your goods easily and without any effort. Whether it’s for an individual or a big corporate, TPR Transport services adapt according to your needs.

Yes, but at what price ?

You need to reach us to receive a quote of your international move which will depend on the nature and quantity of your goods.

How to facilitate my move?

TPR Transport supports you in the entire moving journey. We plan your move in detail according to the volume of goods to be transported. You can browse our website www.tpr-transportor talk to one of our customer care experts who can guide you with your queries and understand your needs and accordingly make a quote.