How to organize groupage transport between Paris and Bordeaux?

Are you relocating to Bordeaux or do you have items to ship there?

Our grouping service might just be what you are looking for. Contact us to address any queries you might have regarding the pros and cons of our groupage services.

Understanding groupage transport

When we move goods from Paris to Bordeaux there may be many instances where the volume of the goods by one customer does not fill our trucks. When you opt for private transport, even though you might not utilize or need the truck space completely because of less goods you still need to bear the entire cost of transportation alone. Paris-Bordeaux groupage gives you an alternative by allowing you to share the truck space with people in similar situations as yourself and move goods together with them thereby reducing the cost of the move drastically. The customers intimate us with the pick-up and delivery locations and we organize the entire plan so we can group these orders together. All you need to do is have a flexible schedule regarding the collections and delivery dates.

Many advantages for an unique obligation

The cost of transportation is shared between everyone using the same truck which significantly reduce your total expense and is a much affordable choice than private transport.

The primary advantage of using the groupage service is that its an environmentally sound choice. When we group together the orders, we avoid a lot of unnecessary emission of carbon dioxide which causes pollution and damages our planet. For the conservationist in all of us, this is a sustainable alternative.

The only disadvantage of grouping is that you cannot choose a fixed date for the collection or delivery. You need to have an adjustable schedule of four to eight weeks to avail this service. The departure date from Paris is decided according to the volume of goods in the truck. The items are checked at each delivery stop to avoid any mistakes.

TPR Transport, specialist in Paris-Bordeaux grouping

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We assess all the details provided to you by us regarding the delivery locations and nature of goods to customize a plan suited to your requirements. We also give secure storage services to you so you can empty your premises and keep your goods and furniture with us while you wait for other alike groupage orders to roll in.

For over 15 years we have been trying to perfect and ease the moving and transportation experience for you. We update our team with modern and efficient business practices which optimize the entire operation. The advice from our experts is also very useful and ensures a painless and simple moving for you.

You can reach us for any questions about the Paris-Bordeaux grouping.