How to organize groupage transport between Paris and Marseille?

Are you moving to Marseille or need to transport goods there?

Grouping could be a befitting choice for you. Find out about the main features of this service offered to you by TPR Transport.

Groupage transport: the principle

When you are moving, you want all your goods transported safely to the new location. The journey from Paris to Marseille is a long one, we often get orders which are to be moved during the same time and on the same route. This is where Paris-Marseille grouping service comes into play. We combine the pick-ups and deliveries of a few customers with the same route and move them together.

The only thing important while opting for grouping is to have a flexible moving period. It could take anywhere from one to eight weeks depending on the travel schedule of our trucks travelling to that location.  However, we do provide a storage service free of costs which you can avail. That means, you can keep your packed goods and items at our safe warehouse until the delivery is initiated.

What are the advantages of the Paris-Marseille grouping?

The primary reason why group transportation is availed is because it’s cheap. Your entire moving expenses including the toll fees, fuel costs and handling is divided and shared between you and the other customers.

When you choose to move together with others you not only reduce your expenditure but also avoid the extra carbon gas emitted due to multiple trucks. You need to have adjustable dates for loading and deliveries and can’t be adamant for a specific date. However, since Paris-Marseille grouping route connects two major cities, we almost always have customers transporting their belongings from one city to another.

If you don’t have an urgent moving requirement, our groupage solution might be a smart choice for you.

Why use TPR Transport?

Our company stands on the principle that for us transportation is not merely a profession but also a passion.  For over 15 years now, we have aimed at providing all our customers with affordable and quality moving. Paris-Marseille grouping service is one of our most picked services.

At TPR Transport we hear the desires of our customers and provide expert opinions which compliment your needs. We have you covered in all stages of the moving. We have a team of specialized employees who offer extensive services of packaging to ensure all your items are preserved and well-guarded for the moving until the time of delivery. We also understand the budget restrictions you may have and accordingly plan a customized proposal and communicate it to you.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Thus, we provide you benefits like storage of your furniture or goods or archiving your documents in our warehouse.

How to organize transport with our teams?

Contact us and mention the details like the time and place of your move. Please note that during the months of spring and summer the moving request for these destinations are more frequent.