Transport and groupage

What is grouping?
Our Company offers an environment and budget friendly option to our customers called ‘grouping.’ Our grouping transport option in France and all through Europe, mostly United Kingdom, is becoming increasingly a preferred choice for all our clients.
Grouping gives you an option to group multiple pickups or deliveries for the same destination thereby making it an ecologically and economically sound choice.
To avail of the grouping transport service, you need to have an adjustable schedule of approximately one to six weeks to fill the vehicles with the rest of the grouping orders and plan the transport. Rest  assured that we ensure safe storage of the furniture until the date of delivery.

The double advantage of Grouping :
The primary reason we promote grouping transport apart from it being reasonable is because it’s an environmentally safe choice. When you opt for Groupage, you are choosing to save the planet and be a responsible habitant.