Why would you need a Paris furniture storage unit?

At any time of the year, you may need to relocate houses or move due to work. In such scenarios, you may have to empty your house and move out the furniture and belongings.

However, as we see in big cities, properties have become expensive. Everyone may not have an attic to store the bulky objects and would want to optimize the space in their apartments. This is when TPR Transport comes in. We can take care of your belongings. We will pack your commodities and furniture and transport them for storage in our warehouse in Ile de France. With TPR transport you will be hassle-free from the restraints of self-storage, which requires you to personally be present and arrange your belongings in the boxes.

Looking for a conventional furniture storehouse in ile de France?

Our furniture repository is located very close to Paris, in  ValD’oise, more precisely Argenteuil. It is monitored by an electronic remote throughout the day and night, as per prescribed standards, thereby offering you secure storage space. Pricing would depend on the volume of items stored coupled with the value you declare for the items entrusted with us.

Our furniture storage units offer quality service at affordable rates. We ensure proper packing and storage of your items, thereby eliminating the need of your physical presence.

We can take care of all your needs be it large or small storage items. Distance is also not a constraint for us.

Even if you are changing nations and wish to leave some of your goods in France due to uncertain residential arrangements in the new city, or have a smaller apartment which prevents you from taking all your belongings, we can move your items and store them for as long as you need. We can transport them to you when you wish.

Are you looking for a flexible service?

At TPR Transport, you will also find the convenience of flexible services. You can freely decide the volume and duration of storage and pay in proportion to the actual number of days you avail the storage space. However, a few days’ advance notice is helpful for us and hence encouraged.