Why a conventional furniture storage?

Our furniture storage in Argenteuil is appropriate for all the businesses and individuals who do not have sufficient time or do not want to engage in self-storage. In self-storage you are responsible for the entire storage process, you need to pack the items, load them, transfer them to the repository and finally place them inside your rented space. All the work including moving the goods from the repository and transporting it to a new destination when you desire is done by you. In traditional storage, you have an option to let a team of well-trained workers manage the entire operation with minimum involvement from you.

If you use TPR Transport for the moving of your goods in the warehouse, you are not even required to be present when your items are being moved to a container. You can be assured that your items are in safe hands. At a small fee, we provide you with handlers that take care of everything and assist you in the whole procedure, thereby making it an effortless and time-saving experience for you.

Why prefer a furniture storage in the Val d'oise, and the traditional TPS furniture storage in Argenteuil?

You can trust us to give you reasonable rates for all services that we offer. Our repository also has considerable flexibility in operation.

There is no minimum storage period required to rent space in our repository. We charge you only for the days you actually use our storage space. You can intimate us when you want to move your goods by just calling us or sending an email. If you need to visit the warehouse to add or take items from your storage you can notify us in prior and we will give you a handler to help you.

One of the primary differences between TPR Argenteuil Furniture Guard and any other furniture storage is that we do not levy any entry or exit fees if you use our moving company to transport your belongings to our storage.

Whether you are moving to Paris or Europe or any other international location, or your business is relocating or you just need to clear your house for redecoration, our Argenteuil furniture storage is a convenient choice. Apart from being adequately guarded, our storage house has a team of very attentive and helpful workers.