In most moving experience, storage is usually a big part of the process. If your new home cannot accommodate all your belongings or if you are unable to move out in time and require a safe place for your furniture and personal possessions, we offer storage services within your budget. 

Whether you need to store something temporarily during the moving of your house or shifting of your office or you need a longer storage service plan, our team aids you to pick the storage option befitting to you and the quantity plus nature of the goods you wish to store. We provide storage in one of our warehouses in Argenteuil, and store your equipment and furniture in a way that best utilizes the space reserved for your items

What is the principle of the furniture repository?

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Our repositories are secured and closely monitored 24 hours a day. We remain open from Monday to Sunday. However, you are required to make an appointment before the visit.  When we sign the final storage contract, we collect copies of your identity card or passport, an address where you can be reached and a valid phone number to contact you during the period of storage as and when needed.

How to recover your Goods?
It doesn’t matter if you’ve reserved space for storage for a week or for certain years, all you need to do is send us a written letter or an email giving us seven days’ notice before you wish to vacate the space. When you leave the space before scheduled, we reimburse the amount for the days you did not use the space.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I pay for my furniture storage?
The payment needs to be made before 10th of every month by check or transfer.

What are your opening hours?
You need to contact and make an appointment before you visit so we cancheck the availability of the space.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Its mandatory for you to sign a contract with us before we move your goods to our storehouse. Our contract is sufficiently detailed with all our conditions and also incorporates the number of items being stored and mentions their value as declared by you. A comprehensive inventory is done when we take the items. Please note, we do not allow storage of food or any similar perishable items in our repository.

For any further information feel free to contact us and our team will resolve all the doubts and queries you may have.