Looking for assistance with your goods in a Paris furniture repository?
TPR Transport simplifies the task of storing your furniture or other goods with its skilled team who move the containers to the storage carefully and handles them professionally so as to avoid any damages.

Are you looking for flexibility and tranquillity?

If you are looking for a warehouse in Paris to store all your furniture, equipment, documents or any other imperishable and non hazardous belongings, TPR Transportation is the right fit for you. Located in the borders of Paris, our Argenteuil repository is guarded and monitored 24*7 thereby making it completely safe and secure for all your assets. We have comfortable parking and a spacious area to load and unload the storage items which ensure that all the goods that come are securely transferred in and out of the warehouse. You can choose to store all the items of your apartment, some furniture or merely a few cartons of your stuff, at TPR Transport we give you custom made services suited to your needs. The entire packaging and storage of your goods is done by a team of people specialized in the process.

Learn more about our services?

Choose us for a complete and hassle-free service. We will manage the entire course of your storage, from packaging and placing your goods in the warehouse to finally shipping it to your preferred destination. You will receive a storage contract and list of a detailed inventory. You will be allowed to choose the value you declare for your goods. We could also provide you with a staff who can move your property carefully. Ours is one of the few storages in Paris to offer such an extensive storage service. It’s highly suitable for corporates seeking to save their time and use it for other useful purposes and even for individuals who are preoccupied and seek assistance. Visit our website www.tpr-transport.com to reach our team and receive a quote.

Nous sommes l’un des seuls garde- meubles à Paris à proposer des prestations aussi complètes en matière de stockage. Elles conviennent particulièrement aux entreprises soucieuses de préserver leur temps pour l’utiliser à des fins plus professionnelles, et aux particuliers pris par leurs différentes activités professionnelles ou personnelles. Vous pouvez dès maintenant demander à notre personnel votre devis gratuit en vous rendant sur notre site internet : www.tpr-transport.com