Why rent a furniture lift

The furniture lift is a moving piece of equipment primarily designed to move or unload items from a height during the moving process. Furniture lifts come in handy when there is no other access to move heavy furniture and goods. Narrow stairs, issues with the co-owner or ineffective elevators are few of the reasons when the goods cannot be moved in the traditional way and a furniture lift is your only convenient solution.

There is a difference between furniture lifts that are towed and the furniture ride-up lifts. The towed lifts are usually attached to a base and runs on motor with a capacity of carrying goods weighing 200 to 300 kgs. The independent furniture lift installed on a truck can carry load of up to 600 kgs. All the furniture lifts are handled by a qualified and experienced technician.

When should you hire a freight elevator for your move?

Furniture lifts are often a necessity when moving to Ile de France. For furniture that cannot be dismantled or is too huge to pass via stairs, furniture lift is the only suitable choice. Apart from enabling the transport easily and quickly, furniture lift saves unnecessary utilization of human resources. You can load multiple boxes on the platform of the lift and move bulky items like refrigerators, beds, piano comfortably, thereby avoiding multiple trips up and down the stairs.

Renting furniture lifts when emptying large premises with several beds, hefty instruments, tools and multiple boxes of belongings is a smart idea. Your move will be much more efficient, simple and time saving.

How is the installation of a furniture lift in the street organized?

When installing furniture lifts in a busy street side, it is imperative that you take care of all the requisites and employ all safety measures. An independent furniture lift takes up a fair amount of space. The truck where the lift will be located will be disabled for the entire time when loading and unloading. You must make necessary parking arrangements at the town hall or with the police as deemed fit indicating  your plans, like the time and place where the lift will be engaged. However, if you are placing the furniture lift in the courtyard you will have to warn the officials and neighbour’s prior as a courtesy to avoid any interference.

Why use TPR transport?

We offer customized furniture lift rentals in Ile de France. We give you a technician with a lift that can rise up to seventh floor (25 meters). The minimum of two hours is mandatory for the rental, but we also give it on rent for half or full day.  As an experienced professional in rental of furniture lifts, we work with people who are well trained in operating the lifts. We comply with the parking rules and also handle the permit request that needs to be obtained from the Paris city hall.

To know more about our furniture lift rentals please feel free to contact us. We will assist you with an estimation on the costs and resolve any queries that you may have.