We provide furniture lifts on rent to individuals, technicians and to corporate clients. Construction and transport companies also often avail our services.

It is important that our equipment is safe to use. Our furniture lifts along with a team of experts arranged for you in Paris and Ile-de-France insure easy and peaceful moving and avoid any unnecessary waste of time or physical struggle you may encounter.

Need a furniture lift?

There are many instances which require furniture lifts for smooth movement:

  • When the access to your moving address is limited, e.g., small door, no lifts or if the stairs cannot allow the movement of your furniture.
  • When you are trying to move heavy items or instruments like a piano to a higher floor.
  • For the movement of fancy and expensive art collectables like painting or bulky sculptures.
  • When you are engaging in renovation work which require you to mount construction items like drywall and cables at a height.
  • In cases where due to co-ownership you may not be allowed to move via stairs or the elevators.

Needless to say, the choice of a furniture lift will be based on the nature of your goods and the weight of the items.

Lift solutions adapted to all situations

At TPR Transport we provide solutions that accommodate all the above mentioned situations. Additionally, for every other kind of move also our furniture lift eases the process and pace of your move. The heavier the goods, the more time it requires for the furniture lifts to carry it.

TPR Transport, the specialist in freight elevator rental in Île De France

Providing services to individuals and businesses for years, TPR Transport has been specializing in the rental of furniture lifts throughout Ile de France. Our furniture lifts can move up to seven floors (25 meters) and our technicians are well trained to keep in mind all safety measures while operating the machinery and moving goods.

The installation of the lift does not require more than one professional, but the moving of the goods which includes loading and unloading of items and moving it in the lift requires a few people.

We fix the rental price before the moving day in order to avoid any later confusion and trouble. You need to avail the rental of the freight lift for a minimum of two hours at least. Mostly, the rentals are made for half a day or a full day at affordable prices.

Individuals / companies

With us, you move in and out quickly without facing any unwanted delay or discomfort. We offer you budgeted deals based on your demands after extensive research about the type of goods you need to shift, to ensure the service meets all your needs. Our flexible team is available at your beck and call to help you with a quick and economical plan.

We not only merely rent furniture lifts and provide technicians for your movement, but at your wish we also arrange for prior permits required to use the furniture lifts.

Request your free custom quote

TPR Transport also services event organizers when they need a furniture lift to arrange for events which last for a period of over several days.

So, if you are facing difficulties because of a tough configuration or due to the restrictions imposed by your co-owners or maybe because your window is the only way to move in the goods, or for any such special or tough situations, feel free to contact us for a quote.

All the queries will be responded within 48 hours by our customer support team.