Are you moving your business? Are you worried about relocation?

Hiring a moving company to take care of your goods and property while they are moved is the best option.  We specialize in moving businesses and our long experience helps us to provide you with practical and tailor-made solutions.

Our experts arrange for measures which ensure the safety of your assets and avoid you from dealing with the troubles that accompany moving. Our customer support team listens to your demands and advises you on a suitable and cost-effective plan for your moving. Please check our instructions in “Plan your Steps” sections for things to do before and on the day of your move, which will aid you in smoothing the entire course.

A wide range of services to meet your needs

Moving companies like ours offer diverse and complete solutions. We provide for express transport services for customers who need to move in a hurry and for corporates wishing to relocate their offices quickly in France and also across Europe. We have trucks of different sizes to cater to all kinds of bulky or small furniture and goods, thus facilitating a faster move. Grouping solution transfers multiple moves together which significantly reduces the moving cost and is also an ecologically sound choice.

A quality service to guarantee your satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority and thus we do our best to simplify the otherwise tedious process of moving. Our packaging team applies exclusive materials to save your assets from any damage during transfer. We have updated modern equipment for managing all kinds of furniture and also give our furniture lifts on rent.

You can contact us or fill our form to receive a quote for corporate moving. Particulars about your move like the volume, type of goods, time in hand, storage needs etc., helps us narrow on a plan that is best suited for your needs. Visit our “Estimate your volume” section when you assess your goods. Using the details provided by you, our online software calculates the space you would need.  We then send you a quote at the earliest.